Call for Peace!



Die klangvolle schweizerisch-tibetische Stimme DECHEN SHAK-DAGSAY singt ihre Botschaft für den Frieden direkt in die Herzen der Zuhörer. Bei ihrem Auftritt im KKL Luzern wird sie in ihrem Anliegen unterstützt durch das Zürcher Kammerorchester, das JEWEL Ensemble und Gastmusiker aus aller Welt.


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Matthias Sturm

“I see myself as a storyteller, and my lyrics have a strong poetic character,” says Sturm. “They are written in the style of a spoken word tradition that draws on the romantic literature I love from 19th Century England. It was a very interesting phase in the history of poetry and the stories, like mine, were a bit dark and asked great questions about life, death and love. There is a strong association to image and scenery which allows people to imagine themselves in any given situation. My writing is very subconscious, and I always feel the most interesting songs come upon the writer when he or she least expects.”

A Message of Peace – A Musical Tribute to the Recent Karachi Attacks


A Message of Peace - A Musical Tribute to the Recent Karachi AttacksThe incident of Wednesday May 13, 2015 has left a scar on the hearts of millions of people and specially the Ismaili Muslims around the world as their innocent spiritual brothers and sisters were killed by unidentified gunmen in bright day light in Karachi Pakistan. We as a community can pray for the departed souls and expect that justice will be served by bringing those responsible to justice.

In current global situation, hate and revenge has no room. The only way out of our pain and sorrow is to expect for a better tomorrow and safety of entire humanity from evil. Sur and Sangeet of Ottawa, a group of young Ismaili singers and musicians choose to take the path of spreading the message of peace, prosperity and humanity. Danyal Rawjani, Saba Rawjani and Zahid Pirani from the band have produced this piece dedicated to the victims of the incident of…

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Peace and Community

Romans 12-10

Community is a term my church has been focusing on this year, and has been the topic of our last several Fusion bible studies. As I was perusing Facebook I came across a post from Jen Hatmaker that spoke to me:

“Paul told us in Romans: ‘Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor.’ This would pretty much solve it. If I am devoted to you, if I prefer to honor you than disprove you, then we can preserve loving community in the midst of thousands of differences, even monumental ones. As long as I prefer the sound of my own voice and the affirmation of my choices, then brotherhood and sisterhood is hopeless. Sure, we must love our neighbors as much as ourselves, but AS themselves. When a society only loves the neighbors who are like themselves, the natural outcome leads all…

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Sandra Unplugged


We are not called to be perfect. It is ok, even necessary, to let off steam. It is how you do it that defines you. So blow off that stuff! Do you realize that God could have made us without emotions, taste buds and all those other things that makes life interesting. So give a brother some room to vent. We’ve got to take the good with the bad. Always sharing good thoughts will make us appear superficial, so let’s make a pack to release wwwwooooossssshhhhhh and exhale responsibly as needed.

And most importantly, always remember to forgive…

I know most persons would want to see me write about work-related topics more but you are your greatest asset. If you loose everything and you have a good heart and a positive attitude you can get it all back with a little knuckle grease. That is why my focus in my…

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The Art of Meditation


Over a year ago I was miserable & I didn’t know why my life was so lonely.
So, I decided to make changes. I had had enough of being so low and sad all the time. I had moved away from the place I had grown up, and away from everyone and everything I knew. It turned out this wasn’t such a bad move because the life style I have there was aiding the depression.

I decided to start up my art work again, and started to teach myself to learn how to play a guitar. I am a creative soul, and get bored very easily, starting up hobbies and spending time in nature to keep myself busy was the start of my path.

After the beginnings of a new relationship with my boyfriend in America I needed more things to occupy my mind from missing him. His best friend…

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