WorldPeace by 2020?

Is peace possible?

2020 by Wendy Mcneill
Wendy Mcneill is one of the first singers and songwriters who joined the movement.

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Who is next?


Lyrics 2020


i met a man who spoke of wine and trees-  roots and song
his soft dark eyes held a burning question
‘can we folks just get along?’
he asked if i thought peace possible
this whole sweet world wide
and if i could write about it
so i said i’d try
i said i’d try
peace is as much a question as it is a word
5 lonely letters in a turbulent world
i don’t profess to know it well
i’ve only caught the odd glimpse
when i break out of the illusion
settle deep-
deep within
through the dark and quiet
into the blindingly bright
lies the simplest answer
the absence of fright
it’s the space between breaths
the humble good bye
the endless answer
to the incessant ‘why’s?’
it’s in the eyes of the well fed infants
it’s in the melody of songs
it’s in the roots of every season
it’s in the wagging tales of dogs
it’s in the deepest wishes of the masses
regardless of how they pray
it’s in the cool rains of forgiveness
falling into thirsty rivers once again
making it impossible to distinguish
the saving from the saved
yes, peace is possible
if you look at it this way
i read the words of a woman much braver than me
they left me haunted
so simple- yet tricky
she said :
  one must destroy in themselves 
all that they feel should be destroyed in others
but there are so many idiots , oppressors
thieves and liars…
i felt the waves of righteous anger tighten around my throat like a collar
like a collar
 that very quality
 that triggered contempt
that’s what she meant
that’s what she meant
as long as there is anger behind the push to right
there will always be a knife
as long as there is anger behind the push to right
there will always be a fight
is peace possible by 2020 ?
the question from my dark eyed friend
i took a few deep breaths
and began to sing again
peace is possible
peace is possible
peace is possible

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