Matthias Sturm

“I see myself as a storyteller, and my lyrics have a strong poetic character,” says Sturm. “They are written in the style of a spoken word tradition that draws on the romantic literature I love from 19th Century England. It was a very interesting phase in the history of poetry and the stories, like mine, were a bit dark and asked great questions about life, death and love. There is a strong association to image and scenery which allows people to imagine themselves in any given situation. My writing is very subconscious, and I always feel the most interesting songs come upon the writer when he or she least expects.”

It works like a chain-reaction!

Can you imagine a Chain-Reaction with Songs?

ani_chain_reactionActually it’s easy!

Write a #WorldPeaceSong

ask 2 or 3 People to do the same

and share it on Twitter: @PeaceSong2020

#WorldPeace2020 -> Lyrics (can be modified)

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine – Official Video

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