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Global Revolution (WorldPeaceSong)

 by Stefan{at}MyTree.CH 2001
REF: This is the global revolution! global revolution! global revolution!
There’s gonna be a global revolution
With a global conciliation in every institution
In all countries all over the globe in every  nation

under any circumstance , without violence
you gonna sense the revelation
people who possess to much
will have to help the poor ones by law!
The global LAW!

From a global parliament in a global noncorrupt democracy!
A non violent assault on the global  penny-pinching bastards !
How can somebody be soo stingy and greedy
Just to own more then he’d ever need
As long as others are dying hunger , THIS IS just NOT RIGHT!
We have to FIGHT!

Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity! You may think
But what’s the colour of the glasses you’re wearing? Is it pink?
Let’s fix the date for the global revolution already today
And Let’s say hey! Why not in May?

The 2nd may 2020 is gonna be our day with plenty of joy!
Is it only a dream or will there be justice one day?
Are you ready to do something against the inequality
Or is it your bed where you wanna stay?
Let’s wait until the 2nd may 2020 to see
if we are ready for the global revolution!
Until then this message has time to spread!
Tell it to everybody you know
and don’t stay in your bed!!
This is the global revolution! global revolution! global revolution!
In each continent, in all countries and in all languages!!!

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