Sandra Unplugged


We are not called to be perfect. It is ok, even necessary, to let off steam. It is how you do it that defines you. So blow off that stuff! Do you realize that God could have made us without emotions, taste buds and all those other things that makes life interesting. So give a brother some room to vent. We’ve got to take the good with the bad. Always sharing good thoughts will make us appear superficial, so let’s make a pack to release wwwwooooossssshhhhhh and exhale responsibly as needed.

And most importantly, always remember to forgive…

I know most persons would want to see me write about work-related topics more but you are your greatest asset. If you loose everything and you have a good heart and a positive attitude you can get it all back with a little knuckle grease. That is why my focus in my…

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