I am South African… I am SAD

Rants, Raves, Smiles And Waves

I am South African, I am White (well more of a creamy pink mixed with a bit of light brown), I was born in South Africa and have live here my entire life, I have not a had a simple life whereby struggling was a common factor in all my days, I am Proud of my Heritage, I Love my country… But my country is in disarray, there seems to be an ineffable nefarious following of happenings of late that leave us all in oblivion to the effects on the human spirit and mind.

It is simply infallible watching in dissolution, the amount of hatred and strife that is expressed on people different to ones self, this is utterly disheartening and chills me to the soul. What could justify enough hatred for another that you would consider them less worthy than yourselves? How can we as a nation comfortably stand…

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