Don’t lure, just respect !

Fashion Radio

A caveman didn’t consider or demarcate his possessions what needed to be called “costly”. He barely wore anything to cover his hairy body neither his female partner or neighborhood. Yet, they lived a normal cavemen “type” life else, would have been acquainted such illustrious milestones to gossip about.


Contrary to that lifestyle, now people consider money,  jewelry, luxury goods or WOMEN as steep or sumptuous. I’m sorry, women?? That you have to arbitrate if my listing is wrong !

I see lot young girls on social media posting their semi bared chest and body to get more traffic on their profiles.  They consider such pics “hot” eventually gets “liked” by people. What they don’t understand they are losing self dignity. Getting likes on social media may make you feel proud for some time but, really ?? Is that how you make yourself proud?

Awww…. such a shame!

I am so…

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