April 30/30 Poetry Challenge #20/30: Natural High

amen ra music

I’m so high right now/

I can’t feel my face/

All that’s left is a vibration/

Better yet a constellation/

A celebration of eternity at my fingertips as I inhale the essence of a substance our country hasn’t found a way to tax yet/

All I see is purple/

So hazy yet clear at the same time/

My eyes are low/

Energy high/

All hail the chief/

Damn, I’m hungry/

The only thing that can satisfy my craving is to share this feeling with others/

Come through and enter my cypher/

Be careful, the first hit might hurt you/

This ish right here is pure and uncut/


The bud we were born with/

Breathe deeply, hold it in, and smile/

Feel your power and float on with me/

~Amen Ra

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